The 10 best American restaurants in Paris


Want to America on your plate? Many Parisian establishments serve New York specialties: bagels, cheesecake .... Cityzeum has selected the top ten: pastries, restaurants and grocery stores, salty or sweet, there's something for everyone. It left for an orgy of burgers, cupcakes and donuts!

Vegan Folie's

First bio pastry and 100% Vegan, Vegan Folie's offers whoopies, cheesecake and sweet and savory cupcakes gluten. In addition to six classic recipes, the store has a different recipe every day. Taste also the BIONADE, delicious lemonade organic!

  • Address: 53 rue Mouffetard 75005 Paris (M & deg; Place Monge)
  • Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11h to 20h

    Chloe S cupcakeries .

    Peas tablecloths, pink and green chairs, glitter everywhere: the decor of the Cupcakerie Chloe S. resolutely girly. In addition to the traditional range of organic cupcakes, this adorable bakery also offers gluten-free cakes and sugar for diabetics.

    • Two addresses in Paris
      - 40 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle 75009 Paris (M & deg; Pigalle and Saint-Georges)
      hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 19:30
      - 47 Avenue Trudaine 75009 Paris (M & deg; Pigalle or Anvers) < br /> hours: daily except Tuesday from 11 am to 19:30

      Bagel Tom

      Bagel Tom offers lovers bagel 5 varieties of bread and 10 different recipes. But outside the bagel, there are also typical American drinks, desserts (carrot cake, marshmallow bagel, donuts ...) and especially a small US grocery shelf. It's like New York!

      • Address: 12, rue Volta 75003 Paris (M & deg; Arts and Crafts)
      • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11h45 to 22h Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

        The Bio Burger

        The Bio Burgers proposed for burgers, healthy and responsible. Why miss then to sample their delicious eight different recipes (chicken, beef, bacon, vegetarian ...)? The fries are just as tasty and perfect accompaniment to your meal!

        • Address; 46 Passage Choiseul - 75002 PARIS (M & deg; Quatre Septembre or pyramids)
        • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:45 to 15:30 (closed at 16h on Saturday)

          Pretzel Love

          In the heart of Les Halles, Pretzel Love welcomes you with its pink and black tiles. In addition to bagels, and hot dogs, you'll love especially the incredible variety of its Pretzels: salt (coarse salt, parmesan, tomato) or sweet (chocolate, praline, jam), they are just exquisite

          • Two addresses in Paris
            - The Forum des Halles, Level -3, Street Cinema - 75001 Paris
            hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 22:30 and Sunday from 12 am to 22:30
            - 15 Rue Vavin 75006 Paris
            hours: Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 19:00

            The truck that Smoke

            A roaming restaurant, what more representative of American street-food culture? Since 2009, Le Camion qui fume strolls in Paris all week to offer burger lovers tasty and original recipes. Appointments are shown on the website.

            • The Smoke Truck which runs from Tuesday to Sunday from Place de la Madeleine (Paris 8th) at the MK2 Bibliothèque (Paris 13th). Consult the website for exact times.

              Breakfast in America

              An authentic American diner in the heart of Paris, where you can enjoy a tasty breakfast, as its name suggests, but also burgers at all hours! At the breakfast menu: bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, muffins blueberry ... A real treat

              • Two addresses in Paris
                - 4, rue Malher - 75004 Paris (M & deg; St. Paul)
                - 17, rue des écoles - 75005 Paris (M & deg; Cardinal Lemoine or Jussieu)
              • Hours: daily from 8:30 am to 23h
              • < / strong>

                H.A.N.D. (Have A Nice Day)

                canteen atmosphere for this American restaurant but gourmet recipes prepared with care: burgers duck, foie gras, goat ... And for dessert, the usual brownies and cheesecake with a specialty to taste absolutely: the key lime pie with lime !

                • Address: 39 Rue de Richelieu - 75001 Paris (M & deg; Pyramids)
                • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 23h
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                  Located in the Marais for over 20 years, this store offers a wide range of products directly imported from the United States: peanut butter, some alcohols, typical cereals, sauces of all kinds ... and especially an impressive selection of chocolate bars!

                  • Address: 20, rue Saint Paul - 75004 Paris (M & deg; St. Paul)
                  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 19h, Sunday from 11h to 18h

                    The M | Café

                    A corner kick American grocery opened in late 2012 in the grounds of M | Café next to the cinema MK2 Quai de Loire. Again, you will find everything needed for a culinary journey to States: mac and cheese, Oreos peanut butter, huge packet of M & M's with varied tastes ...

                    • Address: 5 Quai Loire 75019 Paris
                    • Hours: daily from 10 am to 23:30