The 10 excuses to test with the controller when not the ticket


Of course, it is wrong to cheat in transport. But there are so many reasons to do it ... A selection of the best excuses to get control when one is caught.

  1. classic You already asked me just now !
  2. Aggressive: Show me yours first, I'm sure you do not have !
  3. animal lover 1: My dog ​​ate .
  4. animal lover 2: My cat ate .
  5. animal lover 3: My household iguana ate .
  6. hungry I ate .
  7. scientific It has been sucked into a parallel dimension .
  8. wizard : I held in my hand and it disappeared suddenly, I do not understand !
  9. The artist: I have made with origami. You want a paper casserole?
  10. P. I let him take his independence, he boarded a different train of mine .