Top libertines and swingers clubs in Marseille


Marseille is a city in which to live his libertinism. the creeks are known to meet, but there are a lot of clubs and fabulous places to live in complicity and hygiene tender and torrid times. Update on the sun libertines.

1 / Au Temple minded

The address of the 47 Boulevard Liberation, Marseille, allows mixed and meeting libertine, with sauna and steam room. Tony and Dawn welcome you in a dream where everyone respects each other. 400 m2 on two floors allow to offer comfortable seating hugs and a dance floor. Parking is easily accessible. Not to mention a maze, the cross of St. Andrew, his sling and his cuckoo box. The decor is elegant and cozy: we appreciate !

2 / Vahiné Club

This space is in the path 254 of the Army of Africa in Marseille. The proximity of the A7 and A50 gives you the opportunity to meet libertines further. It's the excitement of discovering the disco, spa, steam room, sauna, garden, terrace and heated pool that gives you wings. In summer, it is good to lie in the sun beds this reference address in the middle of Marseilles libertinism. We like the proximity of the hotels. A reference in Europe.

3 / the cicadas

The libertine club is located in Septèmes-les-Vallons, at 81 avenue du 8 Mai 1945. The day spa passes, and evening club on Friday and Saturday in mixed. It offers mailing lists to alert you of his libertine events. You will find the club on the Internet in the libertine community practice in Marseilles.

4 / Spa

For more than 30 years, the company specializes in organizing libertine parties. The space is suitable and friendly with 500 m2 divided into three levels. You choose the sauna or the club area. The lounge area allows hugs. Whirlpool, sauna, steam room, pool, jacuzzi: gallantry and politeness invite you to go law ... The rates are adjusted depending on the day or the evening .


Marseille towards the 6th district at 17, cours Julien. The facade is discreet, but inside, ladies go wild on the track and along the exhibition bar, with lots of flexibility. Only men are allowed but channeled. Moreover, each couple chooses to be alone or with others to move to cuddle shows.

6 / Taxi Sens

Located in the second district of Marseille, the Taxi Senses opens at 2a Place Francis Chirat. We go to the vaulted cellar and the choice of music play-lists. you to the track and the exhibition cage. Players find themselves in comfortable lounges. The beginning of beautiful trips with up-and-coming.

7 / The Trash Bar

The club, located in the 5th arrondissement of Marseille, offers libertine parties with DJ for 25-45 years. Meet at 28, Cradle of the street. Wednesday is reserved only to men and naturists. The hottest men venturing upstairs. The place is deemed connected, no need to go in cabins or space group activities. But envy does not fail.