The top 5 nightclubs Marseille: a guarantee of successful evenings.

Port près de Marseille

The city of Marseille attracts more and more revelers and for good reason! The heat, temperament and accent singing Marseilles and the atmosphere in general provide an idyllic setting to enjoy the nightclubs Marseille which one makes you the top 5, just for you!

1. The New Palace

This true neighborhood bar welcomes partygoers Marseille from the cocktail hour to turn into Nightclub often organize theme nights with tropical flavors, zouk, shifted cut or rock 1980 ... this club has a terrace which adds to the feel of this popular nightclub.

2. Vip's Club

Vip's club hosts a population totally eclectic and offers the opportunity to enjoy personalized striptease at your table or in a private room. The decor is baroque, the purple and red colors mingle and are perfectly enhanced by chandeliers.

3. The Bunny'z

This nightclub is quite picturesque and only benefits a tiny dance floor and a mezzanine that is fitted with sofas. The clientele is eclectic, unpretentious, the atmosphere is incredibly warm and unforgettable evening.

4. The Baby

With a music trend of techno / house influences, this nightclub does not hesitate to program recognized artists. Many events are organized. Enjoy pleasant and competent bartenders. A smoking room is located upstairs and a VIP area. Electronic music fans: run ahead .

5. The Palmeraie Ice club

This is the "in" box Marseille. Indeed, the music program is quite exceptional thanks to 2 excellent resident DJ. The decor is class, spacious dance floor and party girl clientele and unpretentious.