The Top 10 Zoos in France

Want to have fun and learn with family or friends, take the kids to the zoo the time of day is the best guarantee of their pass unforgettable.

French zoos have made great efforts in recent years to improve animal welfare through the development of the nearest enclosure as possible the natural environment of the species. Some zoos are particularly noted for the quality of their facilities, such as the Bioparc Zoo de Doue, the wildlife and botanical park Branféré the ZooParc Beauval zoo of Asson, of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine and CERZA in Normandy.

others associate the traditional presentation of animals with the development of a historical context, like the Castle of Thoiry or the zoo Doue-la-Fontaine.

added to these, wildlife parks, which are devoted to the presentation and rearing of particular animal species groups, such as the monkey forest in Rocamadour or the Crocodile Farm Pierrelatte.

Finally some zoos are developing educational programs especially for schools, such as animal and botanical gardens Branféré. The most important of these parks also offer accommodation and catering services to end to be able to spend several days.

Here is the list of major French zoos

The first zoo in France, is not the Vincennes Zoo (also currently closed for renovation, reopening in 2014 ) but the Palmyre zoo in the Poitou-Charentes region, is also one of the largest zoos in Europe. It stretches over 14 hectares and understand many rare animals.

-The Beauval Zoo, which includes the only koalas France.

-The Zoo de Doue - Loire Valley. This park has the largest aviary in Europe.

-The Zoo Arrow -. Loire Valley

-The Zoo Cerza - Lower Normandy

-The Amneville Zoo - Lorraine . This one features a beautiful collection of wild and vivarium unique 1000m2 in Europe

-The Zoodyssee -.. Poitou-Charentes

-The Zoo of Fréjus - Provence-Alpes Cotes d'Azur

-The Zoo Champrépus -.. Lower Normandy

-The Zoo Barben -. Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur