The Museum of Arts Buissonniers


The New Troubadours is a cultural and educational organization that offers cultural activities (theater workshops, art workshops) and numerous festive time on the village of Saint-Sever du Moustier in southern Aveyron.
In 1994, the association creates a permanent venue for exhibitions and cultural activities. It offers exhibitions and time to meet and exchange with artists, other places of exhibitions and collectors, allowing it to build a collection of works in various styles through donations, purchases and bequests . Year after year, the museum specializes in art brut and the singular art, and takes its name from the Museum of Arts Buissonniers. The museum consists of a temporary exhibition hall which regularly hosts new artists and a permanent exhibition that offers to discover the works collected by the association. The museum is also considered as an art gallery since it is possible to buy some of the works presented.
Since 2013, the Museum has discovered an entirely devoted to the work of Paul Amar gallery. This artist creates sculptures and paintings sometimes over three meters high from the most diverse shellfish (oysters, corals, periwinkles, mussels ...) he then painted with acrylic or enamel. This way, he invents a fantastic world of strange creatures, which amuses visitors. The Museum of Arts Buissonniers is custodian of his works and organizes exhibitions in galleries and museums all over France.
To conclude the visit, the association proposes to discover the Unusual Building. It is a sustainable art project in perpetual evolution, created in 2003, which is part of the cultural activities of the association. This imaginary palace with several floors, made of stone arches, carved columns, mosaics and gargoyles characters is open from spring to autumn.
participants Unusual Building are made to express as their inspirations and desires leaving a trace in this collective work. There is no need for particular expertise to participate, everyone is welcome to contribute to this collective art project.
Something new every year since 2010, the Buissonniers Arts Museum hosts a residency artist to sculpt a local stone, on the village square. This stone is named after the region in which Rougier Saint-Sever belongs. Used there over 5 000 years to carve the statues menhir, it is distinguished by its reddish color. Each sculpture is first exposed to the museum and then transferred to the Garden of Stones.
Visiting the museum is free and free entry. Fun tours are offered to children, who can discover the universe of the museum but also the village. < / p>