The Festival d'Ile de France

Ile-De-France - Paris

The Festival d'Ile de France: the encounter of music and heritage

The return corresponds to a season in charge in Paris and the Ile-de-France, with its procession of festivals and cultural events of all kinds. The Festival d'Ile de France (FIF) is pillar figure among all these events, the life is very variable: it has managed to maintain every year since 1990 anyway!
A life which certainly about the quality of services offered. The Festival d'Ile de France combines two axes at each of its editions: music and heritage then meet on the occasion of multiple concerts, all organized straddling the months of September and October.
A festival on the length, but also traveling. For it is indeed one of the most interesting facets of the IFF, which is constantly moving: the choice of venues for concerts. Places of various natures, scattered across the Ile-de-France region, the biggest venue at the little country church (yes, the region is multiple in its totality!).
At the (re) discovery of the Paris heritage adds the pleasure of listening quality artists, through a musical program always bringing together varied repertoire: classical music, world music, jazz, electronic music and contemporary also ... a nice opening that appeals to a wide audience: a good twenty thousand people moving each year for concerts IFF

'' Diaspora '': the 2012 edition of the Festival of Ile de France

With this theme of '' music outbound '', the Festival of Ile de France, from September 8 to October 14, focuses on the musical exile and interbreeding. The concert program is therefore exciting and intriguing, with influences from around the world: in bulk, Tango, rebetiko, Gnawa music, flamenco, Cape Verdean sodade, the excitement of the New York scene, ! accordion or some great classical composers, IFF plays on several tables, for a total of 29 concerts to be held in 26 different places
places precisely worth that one lingers a moment: heritage is as important as the music for the Festival d'Ile de France. The Institute of the Arab World in the bistro Theater of Jouy-le-Moutier, the Bataclan in the church of St. Maturinus, through the farm du Buisson in Noisiel or the Cigale in Paris, places where stand concerts are almost as interesting as the concerts themselves.
the detailed program of concerts and festival places of Ile de France 2012 .
practical information
-Booking: IFF via the Site, or Fnac. It is best to book. Ticket office on site open 45min. before concerts
-Rates. variables depending concerts, theaters, squares ... Discounts for 26 years, the over 65, the unemployed, groups.
-The pass: if you plan to attend several concerts, a pass can be interesting. Different formulas: 3 concerts at 17 euros, 6 concerts at 15 euros, and for young people, 3 concerts € 10 .