The first aid kit ideal holiday care

The small daily accidents can also occur during the holidays. Unfortunately ... the odds are often even stronger in an environment which is not used, by nature, in an activity as simple hike or bike ride. ;;; and the foreign. Leaving equipped with a first aid kit href="" for first aid therefore proves in all cases, a good idea: small scratch, stroke, swollen ankle, sickness, burns, bites, a well-prepared first-aid kit lets face multiple ailments, but does not replace a doctor when the situation ' requires

Aid Kits: the must

Besides drugs prescribed by your doctor with you throughout travel, aid kit includes a series of essential components of the base.

Our checklist:

-Pansements and compresses (essential):


gauze strip

Tulle Gras



tubular net single size

wound dressing to be cut

Coalgan (for nosebleeds)

dressings for blisters

-Brûlures and sunburn:


Bag hydrogel

Betadine Antiseptic gel

Saline (to clean the eyes)

Protection of the rescuer and the victim (always useful in case of problems):

alcoholic hand gel

Survival blanket (although check what sense for what purpose!)

- Capital Equipment (for hiking and sports activities on vacation:

immobilization brace shapeable

triangular tape for scarf

cohesive belt (strapping)

Safety pins


Chisel rounded tips


Seals against the href="" sickness kind Mercalm.

This is the basis of a good first aid kit, ideal for hiking activity. Depending on your vacation program, feel free to adapt the contents of the first aid kit for your needs. Some href="" survival blankets for example, are for single use: maintain heat or protect the sun, although many models have a face for each use. Know your equipment is important!

All these care utensils should be accommodated in a single package, which is then easily transported in a backpack for example. Without taking up too much space, without weighing too heavy (the restraining equipment can be neglected, for example, in favor of dressings), we are well prepared for any eventualities during the holidays!