The rich heritage of Auvergne

Loosen your belts, we are currently in Auvergne, a former French province. Your stay will be extremely rich in discovering an exceptional heritage! Without further ado, we will directly take the castle route or we will explore the many architectural styles of buildings, footprints of different cultures had known the country for decades. From one valley to another, you will marvel at the beauty that the landscape of castles scattered in every corner of the region. The castle of the building and its legendary green labyrinth that of Murol 18th century built in medieval style, you will have the chance to experience a multitude of other buildings, like the castle from the 12th of Olmet century, the castle also called Orcival ropes with its lounge gypsum decor, one of Pionsat, witnessed the war of hundred Years, also of saint saturnin built on a lava flow with three speakers and multiple ramps . At the foot of the castle of Count Vic, also named Busséole, built on the ashes of a Gallo-Roman castrum at an altitude of 650m, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a real Roman architecture like that Castle parentignat & hellip; Etc., not to make a stop in the enclosure ovoid Castle Billy. We will continue to Roman buildings, real human masterpieces, while passing Notre Dame de Port in the center of Clement Ferrand or you'll finally know the story of Adam and Eve, St. Austell, the most great churches of lower Auvergne Notre dame Orcival hosting a priory of the Chaise-Dieu abbey church Mozac ave these pre-Romanesque remains & hellip; Etc. Your getaway in Auvergne will undoubtedly be a real discovery of one of the most legendary heritage.