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Identity Card:
  • Capital Wellington

  • largest city Auckland

  • Population 4331600 hab. (2009)

  • Constitution : Parliamentary Monarchy

  • Language : English, Maori

  • Religion Christian

    Entry requirements:
    • Visa : You will need a visa if you stay less than three months as part of a holiday, and if you also have a return ticket .

    • If you take a flight that stopped in Australia, make sure you have a transit visa.

      • Currency New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

      • Currency rates € 1 equals 1.6 NZ $

      • Change : You can change your money in banks and exchange offices .

      • Payment Cards : International credit cards are widely accepted .

      • Budget stay 1 Week 400-700 Euro

        • Restaurants
          Cheap : less than 10 € / person
          Average : 10-15 € / person
          Premium . more than 30 € / person.

          • accommodation
            Cheap : less than 25 € / night
            way Price: 50-80 € / night
            Premium : more than 120 € / night


            How to get there?

            • By Air: The main gateways are Auckland and Christchurch airports. There are no direct links with France will require at least a stopover in Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

            • By Ferry: Remember that there is no ferry connection between Australia and New Zealand

              On site:

              • Car : Driving in New Zealand is easy, the roads are in good condition and traffic is low. Remember that we drive on the left in this country and that the priority is on the right. You do not need international license.

              • Bus The buses are a relatively inexpensive way to get around New Zealand. Most New Zealand roads are very narrow and winding, and travel are in general quite long.

              • Train : The trains are slow, most New Zealanders prefer their car or airplane, they are against most picturesque and allow to enjoy the scenery, many visitors take the Tranzscenic, a train that runs through the south island. .

              • plane : The Air New Zealand companies, Jetstar and Pacific Blue provide domestic routes .

                • Vaccinations No mandatory vaccine

                • Tips : It is wise to take out repatriation insurance .

                  • Delinquency: A minimum vigilance is to adopt, particularly in Wellington and Auckland. Do not leave anything in sight in your car.

                  • Swimming: Watch out for strong currents when swimming in the sea, by against good news no shark on the New Zealand coast

                    • Climate New Zealand has a temperate climate in the south island and sub-tropical in the North Island .

                    • Average temperatures 20 & deg; C in summer and 6 & deg; C in winter to Wellington .

                    • Best time to reach The seasons are reversed from home, so if you are looking for heat, the best time to go is in December in NZ , January February. It normally is warmer and more humid in the North Island.

                      Daily life: