The Festival of Gastronomy

The Festival of Gastronomy, autumn flavors.

It was in September that inevitably fall resumes neighborhoods in France, but also in September as we celebrate one of the great prides of French cultural heritage : gastronomy ! And indeed, if the first autumn greyness saddled your spirits, do not forget that the Festival of Gastronomy is now held every year to mark the first day of autumn.

A relatively recent event, the Festival of Gastronomy in its current form has only existed since 2011, although the idea came from previous events of lesser magnitude. Today, the Festival of Gastronomy is chaperoned by the Ministry of Crafts, Trade and Tourism. The concept is similar to that of the Festival of Music, gastronomy version in the sense that many events taking place across the territories, while professional actors and amateurs participating in different events.

These are numerous, organized everywhere in France (but also abroad!) In a friendly spirit, with the ultimate aim to showcase the French expertise in the field of gastronomy products and lands, trades and techniques, traditions and innovations also ... many actors of French gastronomy part, from diverse backgrounds, farmers, ranchers, winemakers, chefs and chefs. But non-professionals are also present, with competitions, the possibility of becoming an actor of the event, or just by attending the events of the Festival of Gastronomy ...

the program of the Festival of Gastronomy, 2012 edition

This year, the Festival of Gastronomy will be held Saturday, September 22, as is customary, therefore, for the first day of autumn. The general theme of the event in 2012: '' Terroirs: creation and tradition '' .

Unable to provide a comprehensive program for all events taking place across France on the occasion of this day: in total there are more than 3000! Regions, departments, municipalities, everywhere culinary activities around tasting, places of discoveries, regional, terroir products, tableware, producers of restaurateurs, in short, the field is wide.

Let's not forget either that French gastronomy is exported to wonder: Festival of Gastronomy go global with organized events outside our borders, Greece, China, Argentina, or the US

Another important facet of the Festival of Gastronomy, 2012, large public participation. Sex is at the origin of many initiatives during the day, while an amateur cooking contest, started in August, will have its national winner during the finals, Dax Saturday.

To learn more about what is going on near you, visit the festival website of Gastronomy, : a search engine to discover the events organized throughout France.
- The Festival of Gastronomy throughout France Saturday, September 22, 2012 .