The cruise will be more fun: gastroenteritis epidemic decimates a Caribbean cruise

A 10-day cruise in the Caribbean, the dream! Not for the passengers of the Explorer of the Seas , victims of an epidemic of gastro stinker ...

On January 21, this gigantic cruise ship left Cape Liberty, New Jersey, with on board more than 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members. That's a lot of people. The route of the ship to what to do drool: San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Martin ... a beautiful trip in the Caribbean, under the sun, beautiful idea in winter !

But then, everything did not go as planned. And the dream cruise quickly turn a kind of nightmare. The cause ? Probably a norovirus, a trick that spreads very easily contagious desire, causing the ship through a great epidemic of gastro! Declared the early days of cruising, for good measure.

The walk on the bridge soon turned into fired repeated in the toilet, vomit and diarrhea were not slow to hit ... and there was something for everyone, 595 sick passengers and 50 members crew according CNN . The news site also reveals a crucial testimony of one of the passengers of the Explorer of the Seas , which describes the odor on board as '' a combination of disinfectant and vomit '' .. .

The cruise will be more fun, and the boat eventually turn around, two days before the supposed end of the crossing. Probably to the relief of many passengers, who will also receive a 50% discount on the price of the cruise.

Report on the Explorer of the Seas