The slum hotel: another idea of ​​luxury

Afrique du Sud

A new concept hotel has seriously hit the headlines recently in South Africa: sleep in a slum luxury 5-star
what is it? In short, sleeping in slum, for an exorbitant price.
Shanty is one of the words designating South Africa slum and informal constructions. The hotel claims to reproduce the conditions of life that result, at least for the decor: corrugated iron, bric-a-brac, motorcycle frames, outdoor stoves, dirt roads, battery radios, common outhouses .. .. or how to experience the exhilarating feeling of the blackest poverty
Some details differ, however: guests have access to wifi and floor heating ... and as outlined in the site, with a family atmosphere and without safe for children! At 60 euros a night on average, affluent customers therefore pay to '' feel '' the miserable conditions of thousands of South African. A sum to envy (and anger) those living below the poverty line, in a real slum, their daily lives!
The Shanty Town is ideal to create a team spirit, barbecues, theme nights and live the experience of a lifetime - the Shanty Town Site Shanty Town is part of a large tourist complex near Bloemfontein, Emoya Estate, which thus includes his fake slum, a luxury resort (Basotho Village), spa, bar, nature reserve with its wild animals ...
in short, every aspect of South Africa? This is certainly how justified the boss and inventor of Shanty Town, Buks Westraad
' Regular foreign visitors have suggested they would like to sleep well in a real slum, rather than only see them from a bus tour as it can be done in Soweto and Cape Town ... . ''
'' We believe we have taken something to the negative connotation to turn it into something positive, reflecting the ingenuity of the people of south Africa ' - B.. Westraad on eNews Channel Africa
View video dprésentation of Shanty Town