The history of Canada ... in outline


Not easy to summarize the history of Canada in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we visit. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us.

Before European settlers:
  • The first settlement in Canada which attested as 10,000 BC when the people from Asia across the Bering Strait.
  • At the beginning of the Christian era, the Inuit also settle on Canadian territory.
  • The Vikings discover Canadian land as early as 1000 and settled from the XIth century, but they will not stay.

    From the fifteenth to sixteenth:
    • In 1497 John Cabot '' discovered '' Labrador, British and French fishermen settled on these Newfoundland.
    • In 1534, Jacques Cartier explored the St. Lawrence Gofe, takes possession of the territory for the King and founded Montreal. The area is then populated by many Native American tribes: Huron, Algonquin, Neutrals, Iroquois, Cree and Blackfoot ...
    • The English arrive on the territory in 1583. Many colonists settled in this land rich but clashes between French, English and Dutch are quick.

      XVIII and XIX:
      • After disorders and various treaties, the war of 7 years between 1756 and 1763 ended in defeat for France, which retains only Saint Pierre and Miquelon. The French retain important rights in the province of Quebec.
      • In 1791, Canada is divided into Upper Canada, English-speaking, and Lower Canada, francophone. Lower Canada rebels but soon crashed and in 1840 English became the sole official language of Canada.
      • In the XIX century, Canada develops and hosts many European migrants.

        • In 1931, Canada gained independence but remains a member of the Commonwealth.
        • The country rapidly industrializing and participated in the Second World War alongside the Allies.
        • In 1969, French is recognized as a second official language. In 1982, the Canadian Constitution was repatriated by a fully sovereign state.
        • In 1992, Canada entered into NAFTA, a free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico. In 1995, a referendum offering independence of Quebec, the No won with 50.6% of votes.