The history of Marseille ... in outline

Port près de Marseille

Not easy to summarize the history of Marseille in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the city that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us.

  • Around 600 BC, Greek colonists from Phocaea founded a city northeast of the existing old port of Marseille. It is a thriving cited with the sea and trade, it is administered by a management board of the top 15.
  • In the second century BC, Marseille appealed to Roman Gallic face the threats. It will then be conquered by Julius Caesar which deprives it of its colonies.
  • The Roman city of Massilia continues to thrive and grow.
  • occupied by the Ostrogoth and the Merovingian, the city lost its importance and was sacked in the grip of Provence by Charles Martel.

    The Moye Ages:
    • Marseille regain importance from 1000, thanks to its port which is the starting point for the Crusades.
    • In 1423, the city was destroyed by the Catalans, this date marks the beginning of a long decline.

      • Marseille transformed into a fortress but regain its prestige XVII XVIII st century thanks to the trade boom, the port of Marseille is one of the most important of the Mediterranean and is enriched thanks to the triangular trade with Africa and the Americas, slave trade and tropical products are the wealth of Marseille.

        XIX and XX:
        • In the XIX and beginning of the XXth century, the city is growing strongly thanks to the ever flourishing maritime trade.
        • From 1950, Marseille suffering from economic difficulties.
        • The city welcomes tens of thousands of fleeing feet Blacks Algeria in 1962.