The history of Reunion ... broadly

Les requins de la Réunion

Not easy to summarize the history of Reunion in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us.

sixteenth and seventeenth:
  • The first human inhabitants of the island of Reunion were the Europeans who discovered the island in 1500 on the way to India.
  • Diogo Dias, a Portuguese explorer, landed in 1500. Around 1520 Reunion, Mauritius and Rodrigues form the Mascarene Islands under Portuguese control.
  • The English and the Dutch are an important stop on the route to India. There are still people on the island.
  • In 1642, the French took possession of the island in the name of the King. In 1646, 12 mutineers were abandoned on the island.
  • It is in 1665 that the first settlers to install.

    XVIII and XIX:
    • From 1715 coffee culture is growing, many slaves were then transported to the island. The island also is a strategic point for the control of the Indian Ocean.
    • Reunion passes under British rule in 1810 but reverted to the French in 1814. The cultivation of sugar cane replaces coffee growing and cultivation of vanilla grows.
    • In 1848, the abolition of slavery was proclaimed on the island. Louis Henri Hubert Delisle became the first governor Creole.
    • From 1862 immigration is open and many Indian and Chinese, settled on the island.

      • The island is modernizing apace but during the Second World War, it suffers greatly from the judgment of supplies by the city.
      • In 1946, the meeting becomes a department overseas and continued rapid modernization. Sugar cane is still the first production of the island but tourism is gradually becoming the first activity of the island.
      • Since 1997, the meeting is both a region and a department.