Jordan: Know the habits and customs

You are decided, for the holiday, you aim the extreme and not the least we can say! Jordan is a country very rich civilization. Considered the cradle of civilizations, get there is a little go in search of the original source. This country is so rooted in its traditions, the customs and traditions are a great place. If you want your stay is quietly, observe it.

Jordan is a Muslim and conservative country. It is clear that in making it, it is important to respect local traditions in order not to create problems. Although the Jordanian people is warm and friendly, you risk offending them by not respecting their customs.

Whether you are staying with Jordanian, your friends, or in hotels, respect for morals is required. Start with your attire. As a Muslim country, you can walk in light clothing. For women, you should know that in Jordan, it is advisable not to highlight joints. Neither elbow or knee and especially not the shoulder that might reveal your armpits. You do not have to wear a headscarf or cover your head because Jordan is known to recognize non-Muslims but avoid wearing provocative outfits.

For men, you can pretty much wear bermuda shorts but it is not like you baladiez shirtless. Wear at least an undershirt.

If you go solo, careful not to expose your feelings in public, it is very important to respect the rules of conduct dictated by Islamic laws.

When you go take a walk near mosques, avoid prayer times especially on Friday at rallies for prayer.

If you are a woman, also avoid traveling alone, stay in a group is more cautious. Even if you do not risk being abused, you feel better accompanied by a man.

We also advise you not to go during the Ramadan period because in addition to the fasting holy month for Muslims is also a month of abstinence.