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Identity card:
  • Capital : Jerusalem (not internationally recognized)

  • People : Approximately 8 million inhabitants (2013) .

  • Constitution : Parliamentary Republic

  • Language : Hebrew, Arabic

  • Religion : Judaism, Islam

    Express entry:
    • Visa As a French citizen you can stay three months in Israel as part of a holiday, no visa is necessary .

    • Please be aware that the borders are completely closed with Syria and Lebanon. These two countries will refuse you the right to stay if you have already been in Israel.

    • Passport : Note that later many Arab and Islamic countries not let you enter their territory because of the Israeli stamp in your passport, try to attach a separate sheet for make no sign. Your passport must be valid 6 months after your return date.

      • Currency New Shekel (NIS) (ILS)

      • Currency rates : 1 euro = 4.80 shekels approximately

      • Change . Many exchange offices in major cities as well as Ben Gurion Airport

      • Payment Cards : Mainly accepted in department stores and hotels, also have realistic liquid with you .

      • Budget stay 1 Week 350-800 Euro

        • Restaurants
          Cheap : less than € 8 / person
          Average . 15-25 € / person
          Premium . more than 40 € / person .

          • accommodation
            Cheap : less than 20 € / night (hostel)
            Average 40-80 € / night
            Premium : more than 150 € / night


            How to get there?

            • By Air: You will probably arrive in Israel through Ben-Gurion Airport, the largest airport in the country, it is located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A flight from Paris-way costs a hundred euros and lasts 4:50. El Al is the national company and provides numerous flights per day worldwide.

            • By bus: There are daily direct bus from Amman, Jordan to: Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth, the King Hussein Bridge

              On site:

              • Car : The road network is dense and in good condition, there are two highways, one north-south and east-west another connecting Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

              • Bus : The bus is the most popular means of transport in Israel, they are cheap and allow you to go almost anywhere .

              • Auto-stop: It's easy to hitchhike in Israel, instead of reaching the thumb, point two fingers extended toward the road. The stop walking especially in rural and sparsely populated areas like the Golan Heights that has little bus service.

              • Train : A train line between Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem via Ben Gurion Airport. Train tickets are more expensive in general than bus tickets, for against the train is much more comfortable.

              • plane The Arkia and Israir airlines operating domestic flights, including between Tel Aviv - Eilat - Haifa - Sde Dov .

                • Vaccinations No mandatory vaccine .

                • Tips : Beware of 'West Nile fever', a disease that can cause flu-like symptoms and meningitis, the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, provide mosquito repellent and mosquito net


                  Flight and delinquency: In general, travel to Israel are safe, crime is much lower than that of Western countries .

                  • terrorist risk: As for being victim of an attack, it would really you are unlucky, the attacks against Israel have largely declined. Nevertheless it would still be wise to learn about the situation between Israel and its neighbors before your trip.

                    Israel is an ultra-fliquer countries the police and the army are actively present. It is not uncommon to see many soldiers carrying firearms in public. Each public buildings is generally guarded by armed security guards.

                  • Avoid Area: Gaza border area with Egypt, Lebanon and Syria .

                    • Climate : Mediterranean climate near the coast, in the desert south of the country .

                    • Average temperatures 25 & deg; C in summer and 10 & deg; C in winter .

                    • Best time to reach : Spring and autumn are the most pleasant seasons to visit Israel .

                      Daily life:
                      • Time difference : UTC +2

                      • Electrical Outlets : 230V / 50Hz, Israeli decision

                      • Calling code 00,972

                      • internet, wifi and wifi cafes abound in this trendy new technology countries .

                      • Features Unlike many parts of the Middle East, Israel is one of the most "gay friendly" countries in the world. Israel is very progressive on gay rights, there is recognition of same-sex person wedding titles.