Partying in Marseille ...: restaurants (bars, clubs, neighborhood)


Marseille is a very vibrant and active, especially for the night partying. Indeed, this southern city has many places where you can have fun and enjoy with ease. Here are the best places where you can go to Marseille to party with friends.

Cours Julien

If you fancy a popular atmosphere with streets filled with bars and small restaurants, Cours Julien Marseille is a reference that you should not miss. You'll enjoy an aperitif on the terrace while listening to a live band in the square. You can rub a multitude of personalities, very different and disparate to live good times.

The Trolley Bus

To get to a nightclub famous for Phocéenne city, the Trolley Bus is the preferred location. Located on the Old Port this nightclub is the appointment of all the Marseillais who love to dance and have fun. With its vaulted rooms, cozy atmosphere and good music, Trolley Bus is a benchmark for nightlife for over twenty years.


To enjoy a pleasant terrace to enjoy a cocktail while listening to music, Polikarpov is one of the best addresses in Marseille. Located in the 1st district, this bar is both popular and trendy to spend a pleasant early evening with friends or even couples.

Post to Galena

Post to Galena is a large concert hall in the 5th arrondissement of Marseille. You can attend many concerts and musical events. This room can also be transformed into nightclub for certain occasions.

The Blue Parrot

For a bite to eat in the city Phocéenne, the Blue Parrot is a popular restaurant. jazz club Also, you can enjoy your meal while listening to talented groups. Enjoy the trendy atmosphere and pleasant for your evenings with friends.

The Palace of Major

Each new box opened in Marseilles, the Major Palace is a very trendy place and totally trend where Marseille meet for unforgettable evenings. modern and refined decoration, DJ's in the zeitgeist, unlimited drinks, this nightclub is a renowned address in Marseilles.