Excursions in the Egyptian desert


As long as broad of almost 1000 km, the Egyptian desert offers a wide possibility of excursions. We show you some of them, classics, we would be wrong not to include in an Egyptian itinerary ...

The White Desert

To get there, take a guide from the city of Baharia or take a bus from Cairo and ask the driver to stop at the white desert! Once there, you discover one of the Lybian desert sights. Surprising white shapes, carved by ancient lake scenery. Each limestone rock takes a form in your imagination: a dog, a heart, a boat ... It looks big meringues lost in the middle of the desert: a magical setting .

Siwa Oasis

At nearly 600 km from Cairo, Siwa Oasis is a highly historic site, the scene of conquest of Alexander the Great. It now houses the Berber populations, who live amid the towering palms. You will discover the cultivation of dates and olives, crops permitted by the hundreds of springs flowing underground. The oasis is quite touristy but it is true.

Farafra Oasis

It remains an oasis a little lost and preserved the Egyptian west as sparsely populated. Only 4000 people inhabit this small oasis worthy of the Arabian Nights. A small village of Bedouin houses, and life is punctuated by farming and gathering. One feature, however if you want more heat, is the heat source of sulfur water, and many drinking water sources, rare in the Egyptian west.

black Desert Egyptian

A darker landscape, false far western tunes: the view from the black desert. At first sight monotonous, this basaltic landscape offers many shades ranging from beige to black graphite. We discover a treasure of natural sculptures: the "sand stone". Forms shaped by the wind over thousands of years. Some are similar to real sand fences, others look like miniature mountain ranges, such models of the Andes.