Send her list to Santa Claus, manual

Send her list to Santa Claus is usually quite an adventure for the children who wrote and parents trying to draw some lessons. Ideally, follow children expensive advice I expose here. They are not obligations but if you receive more gifts at Christmas, you'll know who to thank.

The choice

The first thing before writing his letter, it is above all to choose the gifts you want. Take into consideration that Santa cares for a large number of children and is trying to save money by not sending two similar toys.

Cutting catalog

When you find toys that appeal to you, you have cut the pictures in the catalogs. Do not forget to copy the name of the store, the page and the price. Father Christmas knows all the toys but there are so many that the store name can help avoid mistakes between two toys that are very similar.


Santa Claus like the words of love. So we should not just send him some pictures cut from a catalog. He likes us to draw her a letter in which one can say why it deserves some cool toys. It should also tell him if we love, if we thought of it this year. For this, we can embellish his letter a few drawings or small hearts. These are only small things but make him great pleasure.


Well, the list to Santa Claus is made but not yet reached him. therefore must also prepare an envelope. So for the address, it's pretty simple. From the moment you put on the envelope that it is for Papa Noel, the Post will do the rest. You can still add it lives in the clouds or the North Pole. Since it depends on the season, do not worry Post knows how to make that Santa receives all his mail.


You can also add to your custom envelope small decorations. It will emerge the lot of all those he receives each day and you and even receive what you want. Ah, you may also wish her a happy Christmas, that will make him great pleasure.