Seeking thrills EVG in Prague ...

Centre historique de Prague

The big day is approaching fast & hellip; one where the groom finally bury her single life. But sir is a daredevil, he likes to play scare. His credo is the perpetual quest for extreme sensations.

Friends, brothers, witnesses and participants, offer the event of his life in the Czech capital. You will discover that Prague is better to have a strong stomach because it clashes!

In the air & hellip;

prefers Does the groom to send up or down in free fall? In the first case, Mr surely enjoy flying in Albatros, a military aircraft of the special forces of the former Soviet Union. Your friend will go up to over 4000 feet / minute to reach speeds close to 700 km / h. It will be "glued to the seat" and will live an experience to Top Gun ... but true!

In the second case, the bungee jumping provide it unprecedented adrenaline rush. A vertiginous fall where even the bravest trembled. After the jump, the groom will have only one desire & hellip; that again.

Land & hellip;

What if your best friend is rather mundane, Prague also has something for it. First, with a penalty shoot heavy weapons (and no license required). The weapon is a Kalashnikov (AK-47 for the purists) and you will have all. 25 ammunition each and a challenge: that of the best shooter & hellip; we are talking of shooting the weapon and not your previous female conquests, is not it gentlemen.

Then there is the summer bobsled & hellip; Yes it's amazing how discipline especially for a bachelor's funeral in Prague but it's blowing! A track of 800 meters at 65km / h at ground level and 5 runs each, just to have time to chill well.

Finally, if the groom wants to rub the circuit, it certainly appreciate driving a Ferrari 458. A meteor that rises to more than 300 km / h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds. In short, sir will be glued to the seat from the first pedal stroke.

On the Water & hellip;

And if the groom feels like a fish in water, again Prague will make it vibrate for his EVG with a rafting whitewater activity. And the group will also be there. Several series of descent into the wild and turbulent waters of the Vltava River with 500 m of rapids. The boats will be severely tested.

And end this getaway on the water with a new activity in vogue in the Czech capital: the Dragon Boat challenge. Uhh K├ęsaco? It is a Chinese vessel near the rowing where the group will have to row as fast as possible to arm strength and a spirit of unfailing team.

With all this, your group has good reasons to choose Prague for bachelor funeral of a daredevil. Organize it the craziest event, the most surprising and funniest of his life with as a specialist Pissup Travel . A EVG in Prague which you reparlerez for long & hellip; many years.