Sleeping in a bubble in Marseille heights


Want an original idea for your next stay in Marseille? We offer you the best! Accommodation in a transparent bubble under a turquoise sky, illuminated by flaming stars! Do not worry, your PVC bubble has an exceptional comfort, between bed, shower and toilet facilities. It's now or never to prove to your other half how romantic you are, why not declare your love or just propose to her. The best is obviously the heights of Marseille, in a domain called Lou Baou, spread over more than one hectare. You'll get from the start to choose the theme of your living room, between the Arabian nights with warm colors, romantic decoration to a pinkish tone or even the natural ambience, supported by the melodious singing of birds top trees. In the morning, you will be awakened by the sound of a bell announcing that your breakfast basket is ready, an opportunity to take either in bed or in the countryside, around the table on the terrace, just in side of your bubble. Even if you are a family and you have children, you do not need you to worry, since you will have the chance to be accommodated in twin bubbles. At the heart of this beautiful setting, treat yourself to a jacuzzi installed in the hollow of a wooden hut, an authentic, relaxing and relaxation, while enjoying the splendor of a magnificent flora. It may be time to get started and book your unusual stay in Marseille, an exceptional moment in a frame of the most idyllic, a unique chance to burn into your memory, moments of the most magical.