Ten references or the best wines of the United States

Le parc national de Yosemite

From the sixteenth century, we find the wine in the United States. But if the grapes all come from France, growers have continued to work their wines in their own way. This is true in Oregon, Washington or New York, and especially in California, where the vine has found its ideal terroir. Ten good American bottles.

1 / Pinot Noir from California Robert Mondavi Private Selection

We appreciate the bouquet, and flexibility of the vintage 2011 Robert Mondavi was able to pull up the quality of West Coast wines.

2 / Riesling from New York City

On the wine road of Long Island, you have to stop at the vineyard Peconic Bay Winery. His Riesling is fabulous. I remember the 2009, with its smells of smoke and honey. The mineral is strong with this taste of metal and then in length, mild lemon drop or the tangy lemon tart.

3 / bottle Opus One

The smoothness and roundness are appointments that winemaker who works an assembly with a strong majority of Cabernet Sauvignon. This Napa Valley wine to be paid for dearly in the United States.

4 / A vintage Merryvale

The winemaker has an incredible talent for assembling Cabernet Sauvignon with Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Go for the famous vintage details. A white 2013 Sauvignon Blanc gives its fruity and mellow. Very fresh on the palate, with citrus and melon aromas. The assembly reveals 95% Sauvignon Blanc with 5% Semillon.

5 / Mourvèdre 2013 Bonny Doon

We like this wine at its very American label with Godzilla. The tannins are soft. This wine does not need to keep. Enjoy it now with friends for a barbecue. The American dream. The black cherry aromas explodes before the harvest. We imagine enjoying a good ratatouille with mulled wine which comes from the Sonoma Valley.

6 / Pinot noir Boar 2009

Beautiful address in the Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir, well known in Alsace, Jura and Burgundy. The label of the 2009 vintage "Wild Boar Vineyard" is very elegant. This is an illustration of a wild boar with a glass in hand. Burgundian include all the knowledge in this wine with intense scents of red fruit and the spicy side of the forest, small black berries, raspberries and cherries ... A great success celebrated by Robert Parker. consuming to 2025.

7 / Zinfandel (Baccaria) of the house Ravenswood

Sonoma Valley is the favorite place for the Zin best selling in the world. One finds this bottle to serve 16 or 17 & deg; C in the greatest restaurants in the world. The assembly Zinfandel, Vintner's Blend 2012 includes 78% Zinfandel, with 18% Petite Sirah and 4% other red varieties. Lots of flexibility in red wine.

8 / bottle Château Montelena

The house is renowned Napa Valley to achieve excellent assemblies that become important over the years. Chardonnay 2010 is very well worked: tribute lemon and white flowers, and many body fat for a white with great finesse. Cabernet Sauvignon as well.

9 / Wine Sparkling Wine Lamoreaux

The Champagne method allows to make beautiful bubbles in the United States as this bottle brightly bubbles to the vintage of 2009. A lot of finesse and toasty aromas, flirting with vanilla and almond nose and fruity fish and lemon on the palate. In a head-to-head with friends.

10 / The Semi-Dry Riesling Lamoreaux Wine in Finger Lakes

The quintessence peaches, ginger and ripe apples: that emotion when tasting the 2014 vintage which was awarded the excellence of the US in 2015 at the prestigious Jefferson Cup Invitational. In the mouth, there is this beautiful minerality and flavor of lime zest on the palate. To enjoy the dessert with a fruit salad with a well flavored sausage.