Discover the delicious Lebanese specialties


Discover Lebanese cuisine in the world! Several addresses in different countries await you. so many flavors! If you want to stay in France, book a table at El baydar, the Rochechouart street or el Karam to rue Ferdinand Fabre, an opportunity to savor the famous tabbouleh with parsley and delicious Falafel with balls bean and chickpea, a real treat for gourmands. You are on Montreal? It's perfect ! A unique opportunity to make the delicious plaisiravec Narak Inab the stuffed vine leaves with rice and tomato, or a good Lebanese salad with chickpeas and olive oil Cavalier Lebanon at Prince Arthur, or even Zawedeh Restaurant, nestled on Peel Street. Do not worry, even if you are in Brussels, you can afford a romantic evening in the heart of some of the world famous Lebanese restaurants! We advise you in this case to place an order at Al Mandaloun, or Mount Lebanon, located across the street from Livorno. You will enjoy the wonderful taste of kebbe, these delicious spicy meatballs and the Swada Djaj to liver lemony chicken. Last destination before you leave, The Lantern, the streets of Lake Geneva, where you can savor the delicious Mezze Royal, with a beautiful hallouni feta cheese before finishing with a succulent Bakalawa pistachio, for dessert, or go through the Diwan, the heart of the streets of Zurich and enjoy an appetizing Halava cream sesame and pistachio. Finally be aware that the Lebanese cuisine is a beautiful combination of products from all regions of this beautiful country between olive oil, herbs, spices, fresh fruit or even milk. Lebanese eat is calm his hunger by any flavor!