Discover the sumptuous nature of Brazil


Ideal destination for a communion with nature, Brazil offers opportunities for fantastic stays in the heart of a rich fauna and exotic flora. A wild splendor that you will have the opportunity to admire anywhere else. Visit Brazilian botanical gardens with many exotic plants from around the globe. The nature lovers and green spaces will enjoy a trip to the Costa Verde, between gigantic mountains and rainforests, walking opportunities are diverse and satisfy all tastes. Brazilian nature will also offer you the opportunity to swim in white sand beaches and turquoise sea. Including Lopes Mendes Beach, bordering the green tropics, between the majestic rocks.

Do not miss the opportunity to admire the impressive Iguazu Falls, between the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Authentic World Wonder-postcard scenery. A wooden staircase will take you there and you get a great show. An opportunity to find out what you have never seen before. Among more than 200 species of plants, more than 400 birds and 80 different breeds. Already impressed

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