Explore Chaumont and its unique heritage

Chaumont is primarily an immersion in history with its feudal castle. Moreover, it is among the list of world heritage of UNESCO. To rent a room for a night in Chaumont, it takes between 40 and 250 euros, depending on the standing of the institution. It is possible to lodge in lodges, but also in the most luxurious tourist establishments. Among them, the Hotel de France is the most renowned institution for quality of service and also for the comfort of its facilities. It is located on the street Toupot. Set near the city center on the road to Verdun, the hotel brings you the Remparts of the most dynamic areas of the city. Moreover, it itself has a brasserie and bar. The hotel offers several comfortable rooms in a former post. Further from the center but near several highways, the Grand Hotel Terminus Reine on the Place du General de Gaulle is especially renowned for the quality of its cuisine, it also offers cozy rooms in a rustic style. The Hotel Le Grand Val on the road to Langres belongs to the best price.