Charming hotels in Combrit, sea side or garden side

La Pointe du Raz

In Brittany, Combrit is a French town pleasant when life flows nicely. Hospitable and warm, it offers visitors different types of accommodation such as guest rooms, various locations and of course hotels. If you want to stay in the same town, you have the choice between several hotels. The Kerloc'h Gwen Combrit hotel with a swimming pool with sports facilities and relaxation. On the way Treustel Quimper is only fifteen kilometers from the hotel. With further family suites, this 3-star hotel in Combrit is ideal for families or groups of friends. In a rustic elegance, Villa Tri Men is another 3 star hotel Combrit. It overlooks the sea and is equipped with 20 rooms enjoying all the modern comforts. It offers bicycle rentals for a pleasant visit to the village bicycle. At number 19 of the Rue du Bac, you will find a charming hotel Combrit Hotel Du Bac. On the edge of the sea, the hotel's location allows to enjoy a magnificent view of the marina. In the evening, carried away by the magical beauty of sunsets over the harbor of Combrit. With only 11 rooms, remember to book this hotel Combrit in advance before it is sold out.