What part Ypres sleep?

In the town of Ypres, the hotel industry is quite developed. It offers to receive visitors in different types of accommodation including twenty hotels. However, it is also possible to stay in a bed and breakfast for a higher rate or in a rental home. Usually one night is between a little over thirty euros to 150 euros. Note that the hotels in town are cheap compared to hotels campaigns that cost up to 120 euros and more for the night as the hotels gourmet.

Learn more about Ypres before booking your hotel

Ypres is located in Belgium, a Dutch-speaking city in the Flemish region, the 5th West Flanders town. It has several historical sites and monuments dating as St. Martin's Cathedral, the lobby for sheets, the memorial of the door Menim, the war museum in flanders, the animal park and Bellewaerde attraction. It is well known for its famous organization of international rally on its roads and incredible atmosphere ... Every year, the city organizes the celebration of cats, and it offers several advantages for tourism and discovery between cultural and historical heritage.

Find the hotel in Ypres

the scars of the war as some call them became for the city of Ypres must-see tourist attractions that arouse the curiosity of thousands visitors each year. If your stay also goes in this direction, book a hotel near the St. George's Memorial Churh near Ypres Reservoir Cimetery or Ramparts Cimetery. Hotels downtown you also placed near many museums, the Gate Cloister or the fish market. At the heart of the city, you will find design hotels or hotels that have taken their neighborhood in an old renovated architecture as Regina **. If you prefer tranquility on the outskirts of the city, hostels, guest houses or individual houses are available. The Ypres hotel facilities can meet all tastes, all budgets. If you are not looking for luxury, good hotels are accessible to almost 50 €. Last minute stays allow hotels to declawed price.