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The island of Rodrigues where the Silver Hole do not yet have many. Establishments in this small island are scattered in different places, south, east and north of the island. Rodrigues hotels offer leisure facilities and modern entertainment such as catamaran sailing, disco, spa, golf course. The hotels recognized in this island are among the other three star CottonBay, the three-star hotel Mourouk Ebony and the four-star Pointe Venus. Among the few hotels in Rodrigues, one can find less suitable hotels.

Learn more about Silver Hole before booking your hotel

Silver Hole is a kind of bay or a range between greens and localizable cliffs east Rodrigues. It is characterized by its tranquility accompanied by the sound waves with its pretty brutal currents. Note that cars and bikes will not reach the island only by foot because of the small paths. It is in this island that one can encounter rare birds like the Straw-tailed and Cardinals as well as plants such as Vié daughter, Lantana, Spicy Loulou and Filaos. It has a small shop that serves refreshing drinks.