In the desert in Morocco


In the desert in Morocco

The tourist reputation of Morocco is more to do. The country has it all, proximity to Europe, modernity, authenticity and hospitality of its people, beaches, greenery, desert, in short all the ingredients of a well-filled stay. If the country is trying, get out of the box and go to the discovery of authentic Morocco, a simple Morocco.

Dinner in the desert in Morocco

The Moroccan desert is the largest in the world, is surrounded to the west and south by the Atlas Mountains. When we arrived at the scene one is first greeted by palm groves of sight (Draä Valley and Wadi Ziz), it will move more to begin to see the first rays of the Moroccan desert dune ergs. If you try these landscapes, you can afford a dinner in the desert and enjoy the time of an evening of Saharan atmosphere of Morocco. To do nothing is easier, agencies that offer this type of service are numerous, it just has to see on the net. You can either book your dinner in the desert before departure from a travel agency or do once there. Generally, this service includes an expedition in 4x4, the camel rides during the day and at nightfall dinner shows are organized in the heart of the desert Valee Draä, Valee rose, Dades Gorge, the Gorge twist or the dunes of Erg Chigaga, which are south of Zagora. During the dinner, which is usually composed of harrira (Moroccan soup), Moroccan couscous, tagines and grills, you can enjoy a lively performance by folk groups, acrobats and belly dancers. And to top it all we dine under the royal tent, what make you an atmosphere worthy of the Arabian Nights. Issue price, this differs from the type of service. For a simple dinner, it will take around 40 €, rates may exceed 100 € for a royal dinner and overnight at the camp. Compare well the offers before you decide.

Sleep in the desert in Morocco

Spend a night in the desert is an experience we will not have many opportunities to perform, so enjoy your trip in southern Morocco to do. If you intend to use a travel agency, no problem arises, it is she who will have any support: 4x4 transportation, camping reservations, organization of your stay in the desert, etc. If you prefer to organize your night alone in the desert, here are some accommodation proposals: - Bivouac Erg Chigaga: this camp Berber tents is 60 km from the village M'Hamid (province of Zagora). Not to get lost on the road keep everything the way mounting Banned on your right. - Bivouac El Mazouaria: a nomad camp located 13 km from the village of M'Hamid. - Bivouac Erg Lihoudi: this camp is located just a few kilometers from the village of Tagounite. If you are unable to remember these names and directions, simply take a taxi to M'Hamid and ask him to take you to a camp of Berber tents, it is not lack of choice. It is that to reach the village of M'Hamid you 7-8 hours drive from Marrakech and 5 hours from Ouarzazate. You can get there via the CTM bus. The trip Ouarzazate - M'Hamid will cost you around 80 dh (about € 7) and Marrakech - M'Hamid around 110 dh (about € 10). Each camp has its own characteristics and atmosphere for the rates they are generally the same for all, be around 25-30 € / person price half board.

Hotel in the desert in Morocco

If you fancy a night in the Moroccan desert, but not a night in the tent, you can opt for hotels. There are indeed, many hotels, guesthouses and inns in the desert of Morocco, here are a few: - Hotel La Palmeraie Hotel two stars in 1950, this is the first hotel of Zagora. The hotel has 56 rooms, including 4 suites. It features an outdoor pool and terraces that overlook the oases. The approximate price is 200 dh (slightly less than 20 €). Address: Avenue Mohammed V, Zagora, Morocco. - Tourist Village Bougafer this hotel establishment is Tazarine, a small town close to the desert. It has 60 air-conditioned rooms. The hotel has a swimming pool and a large park, it also includes three restaurants serving local and international dishes. Address: Oasis Center Tazarine 45700 Tazzarine, Morocco. - Villa Zagora is a guest house located 2 km south of the center of Zagora. It enjoys stunning views of the palm groves Draä. Villa Zagora offers an outdoor pool, a garden and many terraces. Website: - Dar Raha (Rest House) is a guest house located in the district of Amerzou 3 km southeast of Zagora. Its decoration is typically Moroccan. Each room is decorated in a different style. Address: Street el Ghazaoui, hay Amerzou, 45900 Zagora - Tel: +212 (0) 524 846 993 - Website:

Map of the desert in Morocco

If you plan to leave in the Moroccan desert, alone in the adventure, it is imperative to protect yourself with a good map, otherwise you easily could lose the compass. You can of course rely on the kindness of the people that will tell you your way without any problems, but sometimes it is difficult

to cross the world especially in the desert. It is that if there are going on tour in the desert, do not settle for any card or any GPS, but it will choose a model that has topographic maps and 4x4 tracks . Garmin Oregon 550t is currently the GPS brand most recommended and best suited to the Moroccan desert. This is a portable GPS with mapping. It allows you to view its position on the screen, so we can know its position on the map. If you plan to bring your computer you can download the software OziExplorer and thus have all at hand cards (the cards that you have purchased or scanned). Here is a website that allows downloading map of funds: The MapSource software can download these maps on a memory cartridge.

Walking and trekking in the desert Morocco

Hike in the Moroccan desert has become very trendy in recent years. Gone are the classic beach holiday, today the majority of tourists looking for adventure. If you are one, here are some tips to help you carry out your trekking in the desert: - The choice of provider: you will surely appeal to a travel agent to plan your hike in the desert. Be aware that almost all offer the same services. Indeed, travel agencies rely on local providers. And these are usually the same for all, so compare many offers before you decide. We must compare prices on the type of hike (4x4, camel trekking, hiking), duration of the trek, accommodation (hotel, hostel, camping, ...), etc. - Starting City: If you intend to organize your hiking alone in the Moroccan desert, you have to plan everything: departure (in France), arrival city (in Morocco), the starting point of the circuit, etc. Here we will have to do your calculations. It is best to fly Paris-Ouarzazate that make Paris Paris-Marrakech or Casablanca. Indeed, Ouarzazate is the nearest desert city which is served by aircraft. - The choice of destination: to go hiking in the Moroccan desert you have the choice from M'Hamid a small village located 98 km from Zagora or Merzouga a village at the edge of Erg Chebbi. M'Hamid is less touristy than Merzouga, therefore more authentic. - Best time: winter is the best time for trekking in the desert, temperatures are pleasant during the day (but very cold at night), the snakes are well hidden and walking is easier.

Skiing in the desert Morocco

Skiing on the sandy slopes of the Moroccan desert is a unique experience. If this tempts you, your dunes. The great dune of Merzouga, which rises to 160 meters provides a real pleasure to glide, you will almost feel like slipping on snow, except for one detail, the decor. It is also possible to ski in Erg Chebbi. This desert dunes measuring 5km wide and 20 km long. No need to lug your skis most desert hotels have their own equipment, you can rent them on site. Besides skiing in the desert, it is also possible to ski on real snow in Morocco. To do this, it will travel to ski resorts in the Atlas. The most famous and best snow of all is the Oukaimeden station which is 75 km from Marrakech. This resort culminates at 3258 meters and has 18 tracks (8 red runs, 4 blue, 3 green and 3 black), 6 lifts and a chairlift. The ski resort of Oukaïmeden is open from December to April. You can also ski in the massive M'Goun, it is located in the High Atlas to 250 km from Marrakech. This ski area rises to 2068 meters. It is a little wilder than the last.

Staying in the desert Morocco

Who says Morocco, said not only Essaouira and its beautiful beaches, Marrakesh medina, Fes and Tangier and its culture and diversity, but also said the authenticity of the desert. The Moroccan desert worth a visit. In recent years more and more tourists are opting to stay in the desert, if you plan to do it too, here are some tips to consider: - Clothing: when we share in the desert there is no need to pack all her wardrobe, take just the basics especially if the trip is going to get on a camel. Take loose clothing made of natural fiber, good walking shoes, hat or cap, sunglasses, a jacket and sweater (it gets cold at night). - Grooming Kit: remember to put in your toilet bag intimate wipes and refreshing wipes for face and body. - First aid kit: your first aid kit must contain a protective cream against the sun. - Plastic bags: remember to bring plastic bags to protect your sand business. - A flashlight or torch end. - A small backpack: to put your personal business: identification documents, money, camera etc. Another tip to consider: it is that the nomads are a very conservative ethnic group, although they are open to tourism in recent years, they remain very conservative. So no plunging neckline and not too cuddly in public.

Eve in the desert Morocco

Christmas Eve in the hollows of dunes attracting more and more tourists. An original way to start the new year in style. More and more travel agencies offer this type of service at different prices. For Eve party + a night at the bivouac half board it will take around € 60-100. If you plan against by opting for an all inclusive stay: + plane + transfer + accommodation's Eve, it will provide a € 800 budget and about this for a week stay. Before opting for a particular stay take the time to compare offers, rates, services offered and length of stay.

Tips and scams

On the Internet there are more and more travel agencies offer stays in the desert of Morocco, but how to choose the heap? To ensure you make the right choice, there is nothing to take their holiday, they are the only ones to give an objective opinion. Check the forums, you will learn from the experiences of others. Beware of too low prices. If you come across a very attractive offer compared to others is certainly not the case of the century, but a good scam. Indeed, travel agencies offer almost the same rate, so be careful with too low rates compared to others. If you intend to organize a getaway alone in the desert, use a guide and not just any. Only confirmed guides familiar with the desert. False guides them can make you running in circles without knowing where to go. Not to attract you bored here are some rules of behavior to follow: - Avoid eating with the left hand - Do not hug on the street, not only what is prohibited, but in addition it may shock the local population - Do not talk politics much less criticize the king, it is very appreciated by the Moroccans. - Do not criticize religion, Moroccans are very religious - Do not photograph people without their permission - Do not refuse an invitation for tea or a meal, unless you suspect a scam. Moroccans are very hospitable and refuse an invitation may offend them. To decline find a good excuse.


The rates for a getaway to the desert differ depending on the time of year, length and type of services it includes. Here are approximate as the prices: - Discovery tour of the desert circuit usually one week. It includes flight + transfer + accommodation + walk or by camel. It costs about 700 €. - Year-end holidays in the Moroccan desert: Flight + Transfer + Accommodation + evening's Eve in the desert. The one-week stay will cost you between € 800-1000. - Circuit of staying in the desert: Transfer by 4x4 + camel ride and dinner in the desert. This short one-day stay costs about € 60-100.

Principles agencies

The net is full of travel agencies that offer stays in the Moroccan desert. There are also many French agencies that local agencies. Here as examples of travel agencies that cover the desert of Morocco: - the Allibert Trekking travel agency offers tours of hiking and trekking in the Moroccan desert. Its rates are 700 to over 1000 €. - a Moroccan travel agency offering tours in the desert, the accommodation offers and car rental. - a Moroccan-French travel agency. It organizes stays in the Moroccan desert, hiking and trekking, excursions and discovery trips. A tip: before choosing a travel agent, visit the advices. It will give you an objective opinion. Good trip and great stay!