Tips to drive in Austria


First you should know that to enter and travel on Austrian motorways, the windshield of your car should be equipped with a thumbnail. This vignette is compulsory and you can choose according to your length of stay in Austria. For a vignette valid for a year, you need to prevent a budget of about € 73 for two months, she is 22 € and for ten days, the price is 8 €. You can find this label in the stations or at post offices or tobacconists or at border crossings. While driving to Austria, know that the journey is very long and rather unpleasant. Thus, the car trip is made especially for non pressed people and that all his time in front of them. Not to be too tired, other travelers recommend performing occasionally pause. This is especially recommended for the driver. In addition, it is also necessary to know that once arrived in the city of Austria, you must be aware of any law. Take for example the speed limit, the necessary papers or thumbnail cited above.