Comoros: all to book your vacation rentals

The Comoros is a tourist destination offering interesting sights. Almost all vacation rentals are located near the sea and / or on the beach but with easy access to the important places. You could for example make a detour in Moroni where you can find mosques, the National Museum, the streets of the Medina, the harbor and the old markets. Take also a good time to visit the beach Moya or of the region Bimbini.Les types are present rental bungalows, apartments, houses and guest rooms and villas. There are such rooms for rent in villas located 15 minutes north of Moroni, in the residential area of ​​Voidjou. They are also on the road to the airport and close Hahaya beaches Itsandra. To benefit, it will provide from 15 € night, 100 € the week and 350 € a month. There are also entire villas for rent during the holidays with a panoramic view of the lagoon, from 350 € the week.