Circuit Trek in Algeria

Découverte de l'Algérie

trekking lovers looking for a unique destination, go without delay to the Algerian desert. A beautiful setting for memorable walks. Several circuits, as interesting as each other, are available to you. You will be able to conquer the Tassili of Hoggar, a beautiful way of caravan trails suitable even for novices.

After exploring the Wadi Tin Tarabine, discover the other desert attractions. Youf Aghlal, Tilenfaza, Youf Ahaket Tin Akacheker, Tagrera. Despite the heat and the length of the road traveled, your fatigue will disappear at the touch of a splendid nature and numerous opportunities for meetings. Be tempted by the life of nomads and take time along the way to rest and enjoy a rafraichisant date juice or a fragrant mint tea with the feeling of being alone in the world. Do not miss the Sahara pearl, Djanet. More than a genuine palm, a magnificent archaeological refuge between its wide wadi and majestic valleys. Discover the unique taste of the odyssey southeast of the Algerian Sahara.

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