Circuits and routes in Australia

With its large size, Australia is known as the island continent. sandy beach lovers and surfing will be very satisfied in the region of the Gold Coast northwest of the island. If you are enthusiastic architectures, do not miss a visit to the Sydney Opera House. To contemplate nature, you can enjoy the pristine vast expanses of this country and their very unique endemic fauna. Kangaroos and koalas are animals that make Australia a more attractive country. The cultural heritage of the country is important and discover their customs and their craft is a very interesting experience. Various airlines provide transport between France and Australia. It is the most convenient and fastest way. You can find cheap airline tickets, through official websites of the companies, or the last minute offers. From 800 euros, and you can make a go / return Paris-Melbourne. The rate is very varied, depending on the company and the season. A ticket to / from Paris-Canberra can reach up to 1,300 euros.