These French unbearable that annoy us abroad

Some seek proximity to their peers abroad, others, on the contrary, avoid like the plague. And when one is French, we must admit that our compatriots on vacation, this is not always easy.

low so the last barriers of chauvinism and national solidarity, let's Franco: why French holiday annoy us !

  • They speak loud Voice volume to maximum, the French do not go unnoticed by not have to do anything, because nobody understands ... except yourself, who take full advantage of delicious discussions.
  • They think they know everything : when comes from a great cultural country such as France, it no longer has much to learn from others. This ranges from the history of a monument to the route to be taken by bus!
  • They are shamelessly : Challenge everyone to take the first seats, a classic for the French tourist anything to that NOTHING spoil his vacation .
  • They complain all the time and just, it takes so little to French for said holidays become a fiasco! Grouch patented, nothing is good enough for a prominent French national accustomed course the most exquisite quality.
  • They do not pipent a word of English or Spanish, or German, or Inuit ... have you ever seen an unhappy waitress to take the punishment control of a French family jabbering incomprehensible frenglish?
  • And do not want speak French : This hotel receptionist poor do not even speak French ... not in France we would see it !
  • They gather them attracted like flies (? Who else communicate when we only speak French), the group effect only amplifies all other annoying flaws!
  • They are condescending : This small local red wine has merit, but ... not to rave about, when you know Bordeaux !
  • They are chauvinists '' happy idiots who were born somewhere '' as Brassens sang, just compare home ... if it was better there, stay home!