What's the title Theater of La Chocolaterie

This is the Theater of La Chocolaterie in the area near arenas in Montpellier, which you will discover in a friendly universe, a set of certified parts "homemade" whose unstoppable originality goes with the unique humor. It is in this simple mind giving easy access to culture that have developed the achievements of our interpreters unusual.
Thus, the youngest is called "What's the title?", a play by Celine Cara, Kevin Bourges, Cara Celine, Christian Fabrice and presented by the Company TEACHOC.
what can be 3 actors when they find themselves deprived of their favorite show ?? write another show? Improvise? Talk about their daily worries? The three together? In this room where reality and fiction mingle happily, for you to find what is true (or not!) And what is fiction (or not!). What is certain is that you most naurez no certainty out of this room.
Fridays and Saturdays from January 16 to February 28