Budapest: the best sights to see

Hungary is a country that has become in recent years in fashion. its capital, Budapest, is itself worth a few days stay. If you go there, it will take a tour of the largest parts of the city and essential places! Budapest, in fact, is the political center, but also the country's economic and cultural development. For history, the city is none other than the union of two ancient cities: Buda and Pest. If you want to discover the old town is on the Buda side you'll find. You can visit the royal palace dating from the thirteenth century. Its architecture is remarkable, as it was spared by time. Can be seen wedged in the ancient walled city. Today it has been completely renovated and you can visit 3 castles are a real treasure the heritage of the city. To visit the castle, take the funicular from the Chain Bridge. Besides, now that you're there on that hill called Gellért Hill, how do you find the sight that awaits you? The view is timeless. Always in Buda, you will seven turrets of the Fishermen's Bastion, go then to the Matthias Church. Stunning architecture in neo-Gothic style of the thirteenth century.

What you see in front of you on this vast plain is none other than the district of Pest. And then radical change of scenery, here in the modern side of Budapest. It is the young and newer area with its shopping and piétonnié downtown. And despite all this avant-garde architecture, the oldest that blend harmoniously with everything else. This is the case of the Parliament designed in a neo-Gothic style. Take Vaci street to go to the Vörösmarty Square. Here people live and bubbling, it's nice to see this beautiful world. Little confidence, Budapest is the spa town par excellence. You could get there without discovering the pleasures of a cure. There are several hot springs famous since Roman. Meet at the Palatinus beach, huge spa complex on Margaret Island. In addition there is a huge amusement park for children.