Bristol superb stop in England

If you chose to go to England, you have to program a stop at the heart of the beautiful city of Bristol. You will return full of memories head. First, head to the suspension bridge in the heart of Clifton, where luxurious mansions nestle the Victorian and the finest gardens in the country.

Then take the path of the historical museum, Mr Shed, tracing the history of Bristol, with an incredible attention to detail. You can then continue your way to the old town with its beautiful architecture and old buildings. This area is a patchwork of markets: Slow Food Market or Farmers Market, etc. An opportunity to start harvesting your first memories of Bristol and offer a great shopping experience. In this paradise of the biggest brands in the world, you will find everything you need. More than 500 stores and two huge shopping centers, and other global brands to renowned open the doors of the fashion world.

A small hollow? Here too, the choice is alluring. Hundreds of restaurants scattered throughout the city. You will be more and more greedy, each tasting a new dish, specialties of the country, the Italian, international view. Other magic moments await you during your break in Bristol. Do not miss the old city zoo, dating back over 175 years. Jungle monkeys, circus explorers, discover more than 400 species of animals, including several endangered. Your stopover in Bristol, England, is a unique and unforgettable! More on: