Preparing your stay in Senegal


For a successful stay in Senegal, it is important to prepare his trip before his departure. First, start by organizing your circuit. You should know that Senegal is a real richness in natural landscapes. It will therefore set aside time during your stay to go to meet the fauna and flora of an unknown. One great way is to go by jeep to meet lost lands. You can also relax on the beautiful beaches of the country and enjoy water activities like diving.

Many agencies offer tours close. You can opt for a cruise on a river, or succumb to the idea of ​​a safari.

For the most of your stay in Senegal, we advise you to accompany you with a private guide. However, check with your agency if it is possible to book a car before you leave there, the prices are quite high and you risk being ripped off. Check that the guide has a good knowledge of the fauna and flora as well as colonial history. It is with him that you will discover unknown trails.

If you want to experience the adventure in Senegal, you need to inquire in advance about the regulations in the different cities. However, we recommend to avoid getting into unknown areas.

In your business, plan a sweater as the nights are quite cool. Do not forget your sunscreen, hat and glasses. To avoid having problems with the Senegalese Customs avoid carrying illegal products or sharp items in luggage.

As for your health, you should also check your vaccination before departure to avoid contamination. If you go there in the rainy season, take a repellent against mosquitoes to avoid paying the price. To avoid health problems, onsite avoid drinking tap water and be careful not to add more ice in your drink.

The people of Senegal are very friendly and you will be charmed by their friendliness. Do not hesitate to accept an invitation to sample their specialties. Caution, however, the Senegalese cuisine is sometimes very spicy.