Choosing an accommodation in Senegal


You're looking to fly to Senegal? Know that the first thing to do is to book your accommodation. Leaving without making the booking is not a very good idea. You may not find any room free especially if you go during Easter or Christmas. When the Senegalese school holidays, hotels also sold out, so please inquire about Senegal the school holidays in advance. Regarding the prices of hotel rooms, they are quite exorbitant for comfort that is not always the rendezvous. To avoid any surprises, we suggest you consult the advices, they are closer to the truth than the descriptions offered by hotels. If your budget is quite small, it would be best to opt for the camp, more economical and more authentic. This type of accommodation is more like hostels than hotels. It offers rooms with proper comfort and joint health for each block. The number of rooms that share a bathroom differs depending on the comfort level of the camp. It is not impossible to find camps that offer rooms with individual bathrooms, here are some located in Casamance: Enampore, Coubalan, Elinkine, Kabadio and Baïla. In terms of the tariff, this varies depending on the location of the camp and offered comfort, but it will take around 3000 - 4000 FCFA 5-7 € so. For more information, check out the following site: .

If you are looking for more privacy, the formula rent villas or apartments will please you. This type of accommodation is particularly well developed in Dakar, Saint-Louis and the Petite Côte. The only downside is the police control, do not be surprised if later in the night, the police will come to control you, it aims to fight against pedophilia and prostitution, two phenomena increasingly common in Senegal in recent years.