Berlin by night


If for you holidays are synonymous with lively evenings and trendy, no hesitation, it is Berlin for you! This is one of the hippest cities in Germany, it is a preferred destination for all night owls and party animals. Its nightlife is lively and many nightclubs have a worldwide reputation. They see the biggest DJ's arguing scenes. We advise you to discover the Mitte district during your stay. It's very simple, this area is full of many trendy nightclubs offering a relaxed atmosphere and thematic. You can also see the so-called artists squats, they are usually old factories or stores from the beginning of the century and transformed by artists workshops exhibition of works of art. You can also go to the district Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg district for quieter nights but under the sign of entertainment. You will easily find that on Friday evening Berlin dons the colors of the night and it is easily possible to chain from Friday evening until Monday morning. However, be aware that each neighborhood has its style and for something different, we recommend you spend a night by neighborhood. In general, the evenings are starting quite late, so do not you point to 10 p.m.. There is not an evening that begins before midnight and did not end at 6:00 am. If you are a lover of great music and especially jazz and classical music, you will undoubtedly find your happiness in Berlin. Many theaters and bars offer quality programs taught by renowned artists.

It is clear that we can come to Berlin for the weekend and return on Monday at dawn. You will be fascinated by the festive atmosphere and the people from the 4 corners of Europe celebrate life. If you are passing in another German city, nothing prevents you to book one of your parties to live Berlin night. Also note that if you are an insomniac who lives day and night, Berlin will offer you a nice cultural touch.