Events in Spain: The festive dates of the Costa Dorada

Farniente et soleil sur la Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada lives to the rhythms of these cultural events throughout the year. Practically, every month has its share of festivities to the delight of locals and tourists who come to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Costa Dorada. If you plan on asking the anchor and come to celebrate you, here are some events that stir the life of the Costa Dorada:

Conciertos of Medianoche - International Festival of Sitges (music): c ' is a music festival to promote classical and contemporary music. Many famous artists perform there, the festival also gives the opportunity to a number of unknown performers. This music festival is held every year from June to August. Address: Fundación Cultural Port of Aiguadolç - Sitges, Sònia Felip Atserias Torre Capitania, s / n, 08870 Sitges - Barcelona - Tel: +34 93 8942600

Interntional Festival Musica Cambrils (music). : you're a fan of modern music and ancient music you find your happiness in this music festival. His goal to offer the best possible varieties so everyone will find his account. It is held every year end of July to August. Address: Ajuntament de Cambrils - Area de Cultura, C. Sant Placid, 18-20, 43850 Cambrils - Tel: Tel: +34 977 36 84 84.

Mercat Festival Musica Vica Vic (music) : it's more a meeting than a festival, it is organized to bring together professionals in the music world. Its purpose is to promote exchanges between artists, record labels, managers and the public. It takes place every year in September. Address: Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic, Hist. Ramon Abadal i Vinyals, 5, 2ª E-08500 Vic Spain - Tel: + 34 93 883 31 00.

Senglar Rock Festival (music): if you are lovers of rock music do not miss this festival you can swing your hips and let off steam on rock rhythms nonstop for 3 days. Date: late June early July. Address: SENGLARock, Lleida, Spain - Tel: +24 972 20 01 22/973 700 393.

Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tarrea (Theater): This festival aims to promote the theatrical scene. Amateur or not the 6th art do not miss this meeting, it vibrates the city. Dates: September 9 to 12. For more information, check out the following link:.