South Africa journey from A to Z

Afrique du Sud

You decided to go to South Africa for the next holiday and for anything you would not want to miss your stay. There is no reason for the dream to end so you know how to organize yourself before and during your trip.

First, it will know when you get there. Know that the high season is between mid-December and mid-January, so at that time it will get there even if prices are highest. However to enjoy the nature reserves, the best time is between June and October.

To book your ticket, the Internet is often the best solution. You can as you want to compare prices and try to find the best options for you depending on the reason for your stay. If you are a lover of wildlife, you will find in South Africa the greatest diversity of animals on the continent. If you plan to hike, prefer the beautiful scenery of the Drakensberg is a long mountain range that runs the Mozambique border to the Cape.

Once you have decided on your date , pattern and cities to visit, it will ensure that your papers are rules. The visa is not required for French, Belgian, Swiss, Luxembourg or Canadian in possession of a passport. Make sure, however, that your passport is valid for at least 30 days after departure from South Africa. You will also need a return ticket. This is when you arrive, you will see a visa valid for South African authorities 3 months. Sanitary, no vaccine is required to enter South Africa, but still check your vaccine schedule and do not forget to make your reminders before departure.

You can take Euros with you and change all over South Africa. Know that for your home, you do not have to ruin you, there are hosting place very cheap and satisfactory quality as hostels. Do not hesitate to go to smaller regional restaurants. In general sanitary conditions are good and you should not take a chance on your health.