Enjoy every facet of Le Mans, the capital of Motorsport

Le Mans, historic monuments date from Roman times until the present century, green spaces like the Ark of nature and gardens of Pierre de Ronsard adorn the city. If you miss the 24 hours of Le Mans or the Grand Prix de France motorcycle, fold up on the car museum! In the city you can find hotels at very cheap (about 35 euros) when the overnight stays in luxurious hotels go up to 200 euros. For the most competitive rates, in the city center you have the first class near the Convention Center, another first class near the university Mister Bed offering more Wi-Fi, satellite channels, and parking Sporting and located near the station. Otherwise, Rennes hotel close to the park Novaxis while La Residence Laclais has themed rooms in a 17th century building. In the latter, the view is magnificent. Among the luxury hotels, you have the Mercury in the center. This is a perfect four stars to visit the Plantagenet City, in the old town