Family Activities in Amsterdam: ideas and tips.


For a family getaway to the wonderful city of Amsterdam, you will not struggle to establish an entertainment program for adults and children because you will always find fun activities to do and exciting places to visit. If you do not have young children, the best way to walk the streets of the city is without doubt cycling. The best place to visit by bike happens to be the Jordaan is a charming old neighborhood where you can walk there along the canals with flowered barges. If you like cycling on the canals, you can rent a pedal boat for 4 people for € 8. If you want to get the big parade for your children, you can invite them to the grand tour of Amsterdam aboard a horse-drawn carriage and discover the different beautiful places of this city. Your little angels are willing to forget everything when they penetrate NEMO, the city of ship-shaped science where they will have the opportunity to play scientists in white coats threading the second floor and old will enjoy great fun activities to them for the first floor. If your kids have exceeded ten years, we strongly recommend that you take them to Amsterdam Dunjeon which is similar to an amusement park that combines a museum recounting the facts of the history of Amsterdam by using special effects and unveiling attractions such as roller coasters and endless walks through the maze. To be honest, spring is a time could not be more suited for a trip to Amsterdam where everything is budding and it does pleasantly good but nothing beats the Christmas season in this city. You have every reason in the world to be there at this time of the year, one of them is the warm and festive atmosphere found in the street and the other is not of smallest is the World Christmas circus, which is one of the largest and most beautiful circus festivals where the most unimaginable and original numbers follow to delight the whole family. This leaves us to wish you a wonderful stay in the city of dreams.