10 mythical diving spots in France

With thousands of kilometers of coastline in diverse and varied paces, from the Mediterranean to the Channel, through the Atlantic coast, France is full of beautiful dive sites. We keep here the 10 most iconic spots of the country, essential among the essential:

National Park of Port Cros

The Var department has many advantages, among these splendid coastline and its islands. Thus, Port-Cros has emerged as a top-quality diving spot: the Mediterranean scenery, flora and fauna underwater abundant, the clarity of the sea, but also the preservation of the place, hoisted to the rank of National Park. Note the wreck of a ship for distinguishing divers, to -45m deep.

The Glénan archipelago

In southern Finistère, the Glénan archipelago is a splendid place to spend his holiday in Brittany. Experience not to be missed during the stay, a diving trip in the depths around the archipelago. Here the sea water is clear, and excellent diving conditions. Many marine species are at the rendezvous, and a gigantic wreck along 140m!

The Gulf of Porto

One can doubt that Corsica has some beautiful diving spots, and this is the case. One of the most popular is in the Gulf of Porto, which offers beautiful scenery. The show continues under the sea, with the reserve of Scandola, the Mecca of Corsican diving, with such famous sites as Capo Rosso and fish or Punta Mucchilina and its wreckage.

Lake Tignes under the ice

A unique experience ... it is no longer matter so much here to observe fish or wrecks, but to delve into a world apart: in the thick ice of Lake Tignes, for good dry suit (thankfully !), the play of light become a real show! We do not necessarily think of when thinking lakes diving spots, but under ice diving is a must try for anyone curious divers.

The marine reserve of Cerbère-Banyuls

Back on the Mediterranean side of the Pyrenees-Orientales. The marine reserve of Cerbère-Banyuls extends off the fantastic Côte Vermeille. Given the landscape in the area is expected to better under the sea, right. The marine reserve has the advantage of being accessible to all, including snorkeling, via its underwater trail of 250m. An amazing biodiversity observing, but a few spots reserved for experienced divers.

The wrecks of Normandy

For unfortunate reasons, shipwrecks on a story, ships sunk during the Second World War, the Normandy coast are littered with wrecks and many fontle happiness divers. This is the case off Arromanches and Ouistreham, where lie the background several ships colonized by a rich fauna and underwater flora. The differences in depth between the wreck make them accessible to all levels of diving.

Nature reserve Lavezzi islands

A small archipelago of rocky islets in the south of Corsica, the nature reserve of Lavezzi Islands is located about ten kilometers from Bonifacio. Sanctuary of underwater life, known for its impressive groupers, Lavezzi promise breathtaking diving sessions. Be careful though as the area is not safe: currents and strong winds may disrupt the day .

The harbor of Brest

Back in Brittany, between the bay of Brest and Conquet, where the impressive coastal reliefs continue their fascinating spectacle under the ocean: underwater shapes give remarkable diving in the harbor of Brest a flavor all special. Added to this is a large number of wrecks to explore, the area is not always kind to ships, starting depth of 15m for divers apprentices.

The islands of Friuli and Riou

Two spots for the price of one. These two archipelagos swarm off the coast of Marseille, one face Marseille, the other in the creeks, and each is a remarkable dive site. Beauty seabed of the Mediterranean, excellent diving conditions, visibility to enjoy colorful fish and flora, with the added bonus of wrecks to explore.

The Thau

One of the best places to learn to dive! The Thau promises calm waters, can still reach depths of more than 30m. At the bottom of the lake, we discover a veritable meadow underwater, hoping to observe a flagship species of the place, the hippocampus.