10 sites to check before going to Amsterdam

Amsterdam et ses canaux

In order not to get lost in the maze of Amsterdam, here is a selection of ten sites that allow you to learn more about the Dutch capital and to prepare your stay. The sites are classified into 4 themes: exploring Amsterdam, blogs, how to move? And or sleep?

Discover Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam Tourist Office
I Amsterdam is the official website of the Amsterdam Tourist Office, find many practical and tourist information about the Dutch capital: hotels, restaurants, cafes, monuments and museums, map and guide, transport and network level, and output events, shopping, excursions and walks, etc .... on the website of the tourist office in Amsterdam you can also buy the city Iamsterdam-card card and directly book a hotel or a tour.

  • Tourist Office of Amsterdam: www.iamsterdam.nl

    2. Tourist office of Holland
    On the official website of the tourist office of Holland, find practical information and ideas of routes and visits to the countryside and the city. Also full of practical information offers website to book a hotel or a vacation home, and can book tickets for a trip, an amusement park or museum. Also download free city maps and brochures about the Netherlands.

    • Tourist Office of the Netherlands: www.holland.com/fr

      3. Amsterdam.info
      Amsterdam.info is a comprehensive travel guide of Amsterdam, in addition to numerous tourist and practical information available on the site, Amsterdam.info offers through its partner websites to book accommodation a city tour by bus, airport transfers, guided tours, etc ... You can also download on this site a city map in PDF format. (The site is in French).

      • The website www.amsterdam.info/fr

        Blogs Amsterdam

        4. Seven months in Amsterdam
        A travel blog directed by Céline Kniebihler, a young graphic designer who lived 7 months in Amsterdam in 2011/2012. Program: Practical and tourist information, tours and excursions, tips restaurants and shops, museums not to miss, etc ... The blog is very well done, our normal friend is a pro, be sure to also throw a look at the rest of his work: www.celinek.fr