10 unusual bars in Paris


Tired of too classic pubs of the capital? Want to test new unusual places? Follow the guide to going out in the most original bars in Paris: champagne, girly, geek, there's something for everyone !

For a Latin atmosphere: Bacardi Mojito Lab (Paris 11e)

This theme bar dedicated to the mojito is the result of a partnership between the famous rum brand and Laurent Greco, a leader in the world of mixology. In over twenty-derived revenues around the famous Cuban cocktail, the Mojito space also hosts a School with courses for amateurs and professionals.

  • 28 rue Keller 75011 Paris (M & deg; Voltaire)
  • www.mojitolab.com

    For champagne lovers: The Flute Bar (Paris 17e)

    Declined after the success of Flute Bar in New York in the late 1990s, the hotel opened in early 2008 in France. In an intimate atmosphere, it offers a menu of thirty champagne cocktails and regular sessions champagne tasting, always with wine experts.

    • 19 rue de l'Etoile, 75017 Paris (M & deg; Ternes)
    • www.flutebar.com

      For geeks: The Last Bar before the End of the World (Paris 1)

      400 m & sup2; of space dedicated to cultural references geeks ( fantasy , science fiction, Japanese manga, Matrix , Star Wars. .. ). Opened in 2012 by the founder of the Game in Paris festival, the temple of geek culture offers video games as well as cocktails and books.

      • 19 avenue Victoria, 75001 Paris (M & deg; Châtelet)
      • www.dernierbar.com

        For the champions ... sunrise elbow: The 114 by Puma Social (Paris 11e)

        Playing sports in a bar, it is possible! Invested by Puma, the property offers athletes the night social sports championships to practice a drink in hand: the menu, table football, table tennis, darts as well as dance battles, of music and karaoke yogurt air. An offset Sports atmosphere.

        • 114 rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris (M & deg; Parmentier)
        • Facebook page 114

          For cold: Ice Kube Bar (Paris 18e)

          After Milan, Stockholm and London, the Ice Bar moved to Paris in the heart of Kube Hotel. The Ice Kube Bar offers 30 minute sessions - 12 & deg; C in a space composed of 20 tons of ice! Although wrapped in a jacket lent by the establishment, you can enjoy vodka cocktails in an ephemeral ice glass, sitting in chairs in the ice ...

          • Kube Hotel 1-5 passing lane, 75018 Paris (M & deg; La Chapelle)
          • www.kubehotel.com

            For apprentices doctors: Emergency Bar (Paris 6th)

            Come and take your prescription at this close to the Latin Quarter Medicine facs. nurses held in the servers bring you cocktails baptized suppository or emetics, served in test tubes and bottles. The framework is in keeping: hospital beds, x-rays on the seats, adding written on a sheet of Secu ...

            • 45 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris (M & deg; Odeon)
            • www.urgencebar.com

              For movie buffs: The Intermission Coffee (Paris 17e)

              This little bar traces the history of cinema images: the walls to the ceiling, to the toilet, all surfaces are covered with big stars of the 7th art posters. Hollywood or the most legendary French actors are represented in photographs yellowed by time, cut, torn ... Perfect when coming out of Cinema Filmmakers, an art room and test a few meters away .

              • 7 rue Biot, 75017 Paris (M & deg; Place de Clichy)

                For the custom-Pixel (Paris 6th)

                Create your own cocktail in pixels. The bartender, who cut his teeth in the most bars alongside Paris offers to concoct the customer a unique drink from it expresses preferences and desires of the moment. With rare and unusual flavors produced, the server often fly! Wednesday, girls can create their own cocktails at Cointreaupolitan evenings.

                • 10 rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris (M & deg; Pont Neuf)
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                  To get high: Le Ciel de Paris (Paris 15e)

                  This bar-restaurant located on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower offers stunning views of the capital. In addition to space catering and tea room, it also offers two themed bars around champagne and, more surprisingly, yarrow. A wonderful experience at the highest point of Paris, over 200 meters above the ground!

                  • Tour Maine Montparnasse 33, avenue du Maine 75015 Paris (M & deg; Montparnasse-Bienvenue)
                  • www.cieldeparis.com

                    For manicures addicts: Chambord Girly Wednesday at Môm (Paris 17e)

                    A nail bar ephemeral moved from June to August 2013 at the restaurant lounge-bar Môm. On Wednesday, with the animation Pink Pink & Drink your your Nails, girls can sip a raspberry-champagne cocktails at the same time they are asking the varnish. To complete the evening 100% girly, a shopping booth held by young designers.