10 stories to know about the Paris Metro


Any good Parisian knows that to get to Montparnasse, take line 4 at Châtelet, the line 13 is always crowded and the change is too Republic galley. In short, all the Paris think about their subway on the fingertips. But is that really true? Let's go for a little pop quiz on the Paris metro, which will then allow you to shine in society!

In what year the subway he enters service?

The first line is open to the public 19 July 1900 . It connects the Porte de Vincennes Porte Maillot . The aim was to serve the Bois de Vincennes, which then hosted the 1900 Summer Olympics The first stations are signed by the iconic architect of Art Nouveau, Hector Guimard .

How many there metro stations (excluding RSP)?

The metro network currently 301 stations spread 16 lines (excluding the funicular station of Montmartre, which statistically not in the network). The latest resort Front Populaire , was opened to the public in December 2012 and the network now spans 218.4 kilometers underground

What is the most served by the network station?

This is the pole of the Chatelet, 5 metro lines and 3 RER . It is the largest underground station in the world with 1500 trains passing there each day.

What is the busiest station?

Let's go to the podium stations that receive the most of users: pole position, North Station more 48,000,000 of passengers on year. Just after just Eastern Railway who sees about 47,000,000 of passengers in a year. Far behind, there is Châtelet , which is only up to the 8th position with 15,000,000 annual users!

What is the least popular resort?

The least visited network station is Church of Auteuil on line 10, with only 178,000 travelers per year. in the penultimate position, Pelleport , on the line 3a, which receives only 365 000 users per year (approximately 1000 per day while the station Northern seen passing over 130,000 daily!)

What are the stations of the busiest train (for RATP)

For the RER network RATP is even Gare du Nord wins: the RER seen passing each year 45 million travelers while only 13 million 'users scroll in one year at the Châtelet-Les Halles station. The station Hacquinière , which belongs to the route of the RER B is less crowded network. Located in the town of Bures sur Yvette (Essonne), she sees passing 425,000 travelers annually.

How many travelers pass through the subway every day?

The Parisian stations scroll see 1.5 billion passengers a year, almost 5 million daily users (equivalent to 47 people per second! ). These figures network RATP second busiest metro in Europe (after Moscow) and seventh in the world.

Where the typeface is used for signage?

Since 1996, RATP uses the font Parisine , specially created by Jean-François Porchez for the Paris transport network. It is designed to be readable by everyone, including tourists including the Latin alphabet is not the native alphabet.

What is the shortest line?

This is line 3 a only 4 stations and 1.3 kilometer route ! Right after, we find the line 7a, which has 8 breakpoints and covers the colossal length 3 km course.

What is the line with the most stations?

This is line 7 with 38 breakpoints . However, this is not the longest line: it covers just under 19 km , while the line 13, which consists of 32 stations, covers 9 municipalities and more than 24 km !